A letter is your personal property!
Swiss security aspect
Highly encrypted

Secure. Private. Personal.
Swisscows.email is an alternative solution for private and business email traffic, secured with innovative and most secure encryption.


What we guarantee with Swisscows.email:

  1. Our encrypted mail is 100% read by nobody but you and your email will not be passed on to anyone but you!
  2. Nobody but you will have access to the encrypted emails in your email inbox - not even us!
  3. The servers are ALL in Switzerland and thus far away from NSA and EU!
  4. The email is encrypted at the highest security level when it is sent!

Swiss privacy
Data security and neutrality
Swisscows.email was founded in Switzerland and all our servers are located in Switzerland. This means that all user data is protected by strict Swiss data protection laws.

End-to-end encryption
Automatic email security
We use end-to-end encryption to secure emails. This means that not even we can decrypt and read your emails. Consequently, your encrypted emails cannot be passed on to third parties.

Your data, your rules
Protects your privacy
Swisscows.email is an email provider/service that respects privacy and puts people (not advertisers) first. Your data is yours and our encryption ensures that. We also offer an anonymous email gateway.


Protect your emails with Swisscows.email.
Easy to use and absolutely safe.


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An email is a private matter and must not be read by unauthorized persons.

Swisscows.email is a free email service for the common good. You can support online privacy by selecting a paid account. Your contribution helps us to support more users and to further develop Swisscows.email as free and open source software.

Storage500 MB5 GB
Messages per day1501000
Folders / LabelsUnlimitedUnlimited
IMAP settingsYesYes
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How to start

Quick Start

To use Swisscows.email, the first thing you need is a Swisscows account.

For this we ask you to register on Swisscows.com.
Alternatively, you can access the registration directly by clicking the Web Version - Login button above.

When registering, you have the option to create an @swisscows.email address and use it to access both the Swisscows.email service and all other Swisscows products.

If you are already registered, you can open your Swisscows.email mailbox directly by clicking the Web Version - Login button.
If you would like to use more storage space in your mailbox, you can upgrade your Swisscows.email options at any time.